Terry Rubenstein

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Terry Rubenstein
Terry Rubenstein is one of the UK’s foremost teachers of the 3 Principles approach to Innate Health, deeply impacting numerous people through her seminars, workshops and one-to-one sessions. After overcoming her own significant personal challenges ten years ago, Terry discovered through powerful self insight and realization an incredible sense of well-being and inner peace. This gave her a sense of psychological freedom and deep connection to life. Terry has found the Three Principles of Innate Health the most effective way to share the understanding she had discovered.

Having trained and worked with many of the world’s leading practitioners in this field, she has become a catalyst for helping so many others discover their own route back to inner peace and deep well-being. She was a faculty member of the One Thought Institute. She is now the Director of the not-for-profit organisation “Innate Health”. Terry is the proud mother of 6 boys and has been married to Brian for 20 years.

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