Live Lighter’s Exclusive “See behind the curtain of your mind” Talk in London

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LiveLighter hosted an exclusive talk “See behind the curtain of your mind” for selected readers of @Rutage magazine and friends of #LiveLighter on October 8th. The event was hosted in London in collaboration with @Rutageclub.

The talk has covered the most invisible, yet prominent part of our life, our thinking. We live our day to day life and often find ourselves affected by it in unpleasant ways. We may become overwhelmed by workload, the people around us and the pace of life in general. People tend to try to fix it by steering their attention to external factors. The things that they think are wrong but they find this doesn’t always bring the piece of mind they are ultimately looking for.


Anya Layfield

Anya, a founder of Live Lighter, spoke about her experience of learning about the principals behind the state of mind and the way this knowledge transformed her life. As she discovered the inside – out nature of human experience and it’s connection to a thought, she realised that a lot of limitations we impose on ourselves are thought created and therefore made up and optional. She talks on how she learned to rely on the power of mind, that is way bigger,then our personal thinking, and how having this trust allowed her to do less, be more relaxed and care free, whilst accomplishing more and having better results in everything she does.

James Layfield

James Layfield, a serial entrepreneur and a founder of Central Working talked about his story of discovering the 3 principals of mind, consciousness and thought in the midst of his business crisis. What he realised, is that the chaotic experience he was in was not caused by what was happening in the business, but by his relation and reaction to those events. Having had an epiphany around the way our mind works and it’s unlimited potential James saw a dramatic change in his personal and business life: his business tripled in size with less effort from James’s side. He now takes 12 weeks holidays and is convinced, that you can have a piece of mind and clarity inspite of any circumstances.

Jacquie Mosses

Jacquie works on helping woman and young people that are stressed and worried in their lives to discover wellbeing in midst of their chaos. Having done this work for many years she came to understand that there are some invisible forces working behind the curtain of our mind and her practice lead her to discovering the 3 principals. Through learning more about the nature of human experience she came to confirmation of what she thought was the case : none of her clients were broken, none of them needed to be fixed, we all are perfect and have access to wellbeing and inner piece, and all she had to do in her work ever since was to help people see this truth.

Lila Turner

Lila Turner is a consultant and facilitator at One Thought and a teacher at One Thought Professional Institute which James, Anya and Jacquie are graduates of. At the talk Lila was facilitating Q&A session.





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