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Janet Rhynie

Janet Rhynie
I’m a sunshine person and full of confidence but even before starting my talk I start to think, what am I going to say.

In sharing that with you thinking moment by moment can have a direct impact upon how we’re feeling in the moment. One moment I’m thinking I’m a secret agent full of confidence and the next I’m preparing myself nervously trying to think of the next move. It then comes down to in that moment how much do I believe of it to be true. Thinking that I believe to be true in that moment becomes my experience and then reality.

When I was asked by Jacquie to speak at the conference I didn’t hesitate to do so. Of course I did. It was because the majority of my professional life has been centred around working with women. Where in the past I have always said that you should live the best life that you can live. As I have had a clearly, expanding experience I realise there isn’t a best you that you can get to. You are already there. It’s just thinking that we believe to be true in the moment, we create a persona, we hide the magnificent awesomeness that we all already are.

That’s why one of the reasons that I wanted to talk about confidence as a facilitator, as a coach, owning my own business, I will go to business networking events where I listen to people saying “Hi my name is…” followed by their experience and certifications. But this is almost always followed up by “I wish I had the confidence to take my business…” and I’m thinking how can that be. They present, they look, they feel so confident but in essence it’s the thinking that we believe to be true moment by moment is created ourselves. In that moment after all those networking events, I’m thinking how do you not know that you’re confident.

Whilst talking to Jacquie a couple of weeks ago, not only to reflect on why I chose this topic. But also on my own journey of being able to stand here and say that I am awesome. Not just to say it but to know that it is true.

I recognised that it was that thinking of I believe to be true, its what is the thinking that I am taking on myself. What is the thing that I am covering up that wonderful spiritual nature of me that has always been there. Since I was a baby up until the age of two when I wasn’t bothered whether I was wearing an Aldi nappy or a Marks and Spencers nappy. It wasn’t an issue. The meaning is to realise that you’ve always had all the confidence that you have ever needed.

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