Janet Lindsay

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Janet Lindsay MSoc. Sc., BSc. Psyc, DipSW, Three Principles Practitioner, Master Practitioner NLP, Coach Practitioner Diploma

Janet has over 20 years experience in the field of personal and organisational change. Starting in the field of criminal justice in the Probation Service as a volunteer, then working her way up to Probation officer and Senior Probation Officer, Janet learned a number of approaches to work with offenders. This involved learning Cognitive Behavioural Therapy techniques, coaching and counselling skills. Upon leaving the Probation Service in 2003 to set up her own business, JR Training and Consultancy Ltd, Janet started on a journey learning all she could about behavioural change. She became a Neuro Linguistic Programming Practitioner, gained a coaching qualification, attended Emotional Freedom Technique workshops, all of which had limited success when working with people.

It was whilst attending a course to gain a further NLP qualification she was introduced to the Three Principles. Upon watching a video with Roger Mills and the work he had done in Modello Janet knew this was what she had been looking for, as this would change the world!

Her training and clarity of understanding started in 2010 and was a graduate from of the Three Principles Professional Institute in 2011. In 2012 was invited to write innovative training programmes for female offenders. After just 17.5 hours of intervention there were unprecedented results; 100% compliance, 70% women going onto some form of employment training or education, increases in emotional and mental wellbeing.

Janet’s business is now focussed upon teaching, sharing and educating women to experience more freedom, joy and peace of mind by understanding the Three Principles, which she call ‘The Code’. She has spoken at the Three Principles conferences in UK and US and has shared at the school on Salt Spring Island. Janet continues to educate the wider community by hosting a monthly meet-up group in Birmingham.

To find out more you can contact Janet via or book yourself in for a conversation.

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