Chana Rosenblatt

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Chana Rosenblatt was born in Jerusalem and moved to UK after marrying Shaul Rosenblatt in 2002.

Chana originally trained in Family Counselling based on an Adlerian model, before coming across the 3 Principles in 2010. Having been touched and impacted deeply by this understanding and seeing the approach as revolutionary, she turned her focus in this direction completely and graduated from the 3 Principles Professional Institute in 2011. Chana now runs her own practice, New Thought Consultancy, and is a faculty member at the One Thought Institute in addition to working closely with Tikun’s Innate Health Centre in London. She is a sought after counsellor, trainer and International lecturer and a highly regarded educator in the 3 Principles community.

Chana is also blessed to be a mother to eight children.

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