Live Lighter Corporate Training

Clarity for Business

Our corporate clarity programs are designed to introduce a new paradigm to boosting effectiveness for organisations and their employees using state of mind. A clear understanding of state of mind in the moment is a crucial, yet unappreciated, business technique to evaluate and correct performance which is often times missing from the work place.

Most businesses link resources, employee training, and input to outcome undermining the fact that a clearer, less burdened state of mind for employees can boost all of these factors. Conversaly a speed up stressed state means less engagement and lower performance.

We have a tailor made approach that, depending on your requirements, will take three to four days with your team facilitating this understanding. By the end of the training, participants will learn to:

  • develop an awareness of state of mind and understand it’s effect on performance and wellbeing
  • develop more confidence and resilience/li>
  • improve the handling of complex tasks/li>
  • build up higher levels of engagement and rapport/li>
  • improve mental clarity and greater present moment awareness./li>
  • improve physical, emotional and mental health

Live Lighter has successfully trained some industry leading companies including Central Working (London), Microsoft Ventures (London), TSEH (Kiev), Smart Foods&Co (Moscow), Appy Parking (London)