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Live Lighter has a simple mission – empower you to realise your true potential and step confidently towards your dream. We all know that as you go through life you face many challenges – we are here to make sure you do not have to face them on your own. We have gathered together the best practitioners in their fields to help you find the right path for you.


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Elena Kivistik

LYNX London | Founder

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Julia Langkraehr

Bold Clarify | Founder

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Tatyana helped me to release the tension in my relationship with my spouse. By asking the right questions, she helped me see for myself where the problem was coming from. She help me see that I was shaking the foundations of our marriage, the need I had felt so strongly to blame my husband for all our troubles disappeared. I particularly loved the technique of wiping away and replacing the emotional trace of negative experience. I have felt relived and free ever since.
Farida Paltamaa, Finland
I’ve met Anya by fortune. Looking back on this meeting I can tell that my universe has been preparing me for this new understanding. It became a link from the end of theory on planning a happy life for myself and the beginning of action. What I’ve learned has dramatically changed me. Anya helped me to adopt a new way of thinking that has allowed me to feel free and at ease with myself. She showed me the interdependence between my thinking and simple mechanisms of our body, which in tern allowed me to think clearly, regardless of what my “feelings” were telling me to do. To cut a long story short, the new understanding Anya pointed me to has helped me to unleash my true potential. I’m incredibly grateful to have met this beautiful, free-spirited person and have had this life-changing experience.
Anastasia Nakonetsnoy, Australia
I had time in my life, when things felt stale and I was going through a wave of negativity and disappointment. I was stuck. Whatever I’d try or dream of would seem impossible. Life was not a colourful adventure anymore. Then i found this site. The effect was transformational – my life turned around and I started to believe in myself once more. I was was no longer afraid, I started to see things differently. Not only did I feel the change but my friends and family noticed changes too. My mum said i’ve got my wings back.
Alisha Del Monte, UK, London
I used to care a lot of what about what other people made of me and was always second guessing myself. I felt confined, in prisoned with opinions and ideas.

In 4 days spent with Anya we discussed the way our thinking defines our reality. I came to understand for myself the relationship between my fears and my patterns of thinking. My mind was processing a million of thoughts an minute on what if, what other people would think, is what i’m doing right or wrong etc. Only having now had a space and time that she provided to settle down and reflect have I come to realise the false nature of my critical thinking. Having had my moment of clarity, my mind learned how to drop the unnecessary thinking that was keeping me tied down. I’ve learned that being present is easier than you think and is actually a natural state of being. Straight after the first session my head felt lighter and i felt happy as a child.

I’ve changed the way I live, think and now I’m a ruler of my own reality. I’m so grateful to Live Lighter team. They taught me a new way of taking life easy and living in to the full and it’s a gold to me.

Inese Zute, UK


We’ve taken the many paths to inner peace and happiness the hard way so you don’t have to. Today we know for sure, that you can live a lighter, more content life withought having to do much to “make it happen”. It’s already there, within you and we’re here to help you let it out.

Anya Layfield
Anya LayfieldFounder
Anya’s strong interest in culture, human experience and psychology has dictated her background in interpreting, translating and international cultural affairs. Since recently, she switched her focus solely onto helping people around the world overcoming their challenges and confidently stepping towards their dreams.

After having a moment of epiphany around the deceptive nature of her own thinking and the potential limitless of human capacity, she started her own mentoring practice, that has been bringing tremendous results ever since.

Inspired by public interest towards her practice, Anya starts Live Lighter to help and inspire larger community of individuals to live a happier, lighter life. Anya is a certified 3 Principals Facilitator.

James Layfield
James LayfieldPartner
James is a serial entrepreneur with over 15 years experience in building and running successful businesses. His knowledge around human potential lays a foundation of his current business, Central Working, that has a mission of helping other businesses to grow faster and work better.

James is a popular speaker at some of the world’s top events on technology, starts ups and growth and has been successfully mentoring young entrepreneurs and businesses. His strong belief that “nothing is impossible” put him on to a cutting edge understanding of human mind called the 3 Principals.

Having had a tremendous jump in his level of understanding the human experience, and seeing miraculous changes in his own personal and professional life, James have stepped on a journey of sharing this wonderful gift with other businesses and individuals. James is a certified 3 Principals Facilitator.

Tatyana Viskvarka
Tatyana ViskvarkaPartner
Tatyana has more then 20 years of experience working with people from all walks of life and finding the right key to people’s psyche in order to bring the best out of them.

She strongly believes, that subcontious mind is the key to many patterns in our life that no longer serve us, and keeps us from being the best we can be.In her practise, she embraces various esoteric technics and her developed through years sharp intuition to unlock individuals highest potential and move beyond their limiting patterns, beliefs and memories from the past.

Tatyana is a qualified councillor, coach and practitioner of Pure Language Technique and NLP, and a single creator of various fusion approaches build specifically for individual’s needs.

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